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 As we strive to produce puppies of exceptional quality, that conform to breed standard, we also realize we need to do what is in the best interest of the breed.  One debated topic in America is the docking of tails on rottweilers.  In 1998 a law was passed in Germany outlawing the tail docking of rottweilers, and soon after the rest of Europe complied.  Docking of rottweiler tails in America has become more and more a thing of the past and it seems that most reputable rottweiler breeders will no longer dock puppies tails. We would like to follow their lead and move forward with our breeding program and not backwards,  therefor J.Matthew's Rottweilers is no longer docking our puppies tails.

We understand that alot of Americans have a certain expectation that rottweiler tails are to be docked, and that is the look that they maybe prefer,  but again we feel we are doing what is in the best interest of the breed, and feel our quality speaks for itself.  Although what we feel we will lose in sales, we are confident we will make up for in respect in the rottweiler community locally and internationally.  

Our breeding program was based on imported dogs from some of the best kennels in Europe with some of the finest proven pedigrees in the world today.  All these dogs have natural tails and are beautiful.  Below is a photo of some of our pups with natural tails from our last litter, this is the look we are working toward, and the quality we are trying to produce consistently.  CLICK HERE for a look at some of the top rottweilers in the world today.




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